The Alliance Institute for Mission

The Alliance Institute for Mission offers specific mission and pastoral training courses for intercultural engagements.

As a member of the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) the Alliance Institute for Mission was established with the ongoing commission to manage and facilitate both undergraduate and postgraduate award programs in the field of Christian mission and Pastoral ministry.

As a practical institution, our goal is to prepare students academically, but to do so in transformational contexts through which students learn what it is to grow with God in mission. With both cross-cultural spiritual formation and international placements as key elements of the Institute’s offerings, graduates will be effectively equipped to take the message of the Gospel to wherever God might call.

For details of all programs see the Alliance Institute for Mission web-site.

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More From 'Ministries'

Alliance Short Term Mission Exposure Trips

Regular Alliance Short Term Mission Exposure Trips to visit our Alliance ministries overseas are organised by our local churches and the AY team

You’re invited to be a part of an Alliance Mission Exposure Trip to one of our Active Alliance Fields as we seek to expand our knowledge and experience of the great variety of cultures that we in the C&MA family minister in world-wide.

If you would like to be involved in any of these opportunities please contact your local church, contact the AY Team or drop us an email to express your interest.  

Mission Exposure Trips are a win-win for eternity. Participants typically return from the field with a deepened Christian commitment to mission while their efforts complement long-term Alliance ministries and workers. 


Alliance Youth

The Alliance Youth seeks to assist and support Alliance churches in the encouraging, equipping and empowering of their next generation.

Specifically, we endeavour to encourage Alliance young people to BELONG to God’s family and to that of the C&MA; equip them so that they may BELIEVE with conviction that Jesus Christ is Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King; and empower them so that they may BECOME whatever God has called them to be.

Please go to the Alliance Youth website for more information.


Faith Promise for the Great Commission Fund

“This movement stands for a spirit of self-sacrifice, adjustment, adaptation and single-hearted love for people. We are called to a spirit so possessed with one supreme object, to gain men and women for Christ, that it sweeps over every other consideration in its overmastering purpose of love."               - AB Simpson

The C&MA is committed to sending, partnering and releasing workers to provide access to, and to preach the gospel to all nations.

The Great Commission Fund is our main funding source for the salaries and/or living allowances of the majority of our international workers and partnerships.

It also provides for our national workers, our training and administration needs.

In addition, approved projects (designated funds) provide for the needs of a specific area of ministry or opportunity in a particular region.

It comprises of the Faith Promise and the National Contribution Scheme (where each church contributes to our administration, leadership training through AIM and the Alliance Youth programs).

A unique, centralised support model, funded through our Faith Promise, allows our national leadership the most flexibility to be sensitive to God’s leading and to respond when doors open (or close) and opportunities present themselves.

Our “Faith Promise” for the Great Commission Fund primarily supports:

   - Our international mission workers,

   - Our local mission workers,

   - Our mission partnerships,

   - Our professionals (Some of our workers who are Alliance Professionals overseas are self- 

    funded and work in partnership with our C&MA teams.

   - New church plants,

   Also supplemental support for:

   - Training of new workers through our Alliance Institute for Mission,

   - National Leadership of the President and Board through the National Office.

As a Mission with Churches, the C&MA depends upon the generous and sacrificial giving of our family of churches in Australia and donors who wish to see that all nations are reached with the gospel.

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