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Free at Last 20 - Weightlifting (Gal 5:26-6:5)

The sport of weightlifting demands 2 things for success:

        A.     A supportive team.

        B.     Individual responsibility.


If we are free in Christ we extend freedom to others in 2 primary ways:


1.     By Carrying Each Other’s Burdens.    (Gal. 5:26-6:2) 

  • Difference between legalism and Spirit-produced life:

Nothing reveals the wickedness of legalism better than the way legalists treat those who have sinned. (Wiersbe)


2.     By Carrying Our Own Load.    (Gal. 6:3-5) 

  • Danger of pride in this process…
  • We shift the attention from Christ to self, from divine grace to human goodness. (Blackwood)
  • A man should ‘prove his own work’ in the light of God’s will and not in the shadows of someone else’s achievements.
  • A person in step with the Spirit is more than willing to “shoulder his own pack” without complaining and pity-parties.


  • Christian freedom makes us weightlifters.
  • To bear the burdens of others and to carry our own load is an expression and manifestation of the Spirit-filled life.

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Latest News

17 April, 2022

English Service Pastors - Various Opportunties

The C&MA Australia is seeking Pastors for our English Services.

Hold or studying for Dip or Deg in Theology or Ministry is required, and ability to be credentialed with the C&MA Australia.

Must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident holder.

Inquiries to Rev Ken Graham ken.graham@cma.org.au

15 December, 2021

St Albans Vietnamese Alliance Church Building Dedication

Celebration of Building Dedication to the Lord and the ministry of the C&MA Australia

The church family joined together for a celebration and dedication of their new building. After many years of planning and many delays due to COVID restrictions we were able to gather.

Rev. Ken Graham, along with Rev Tin Pham and the SAVAC leaders, dedicated the building and the church members to the Lord's work.

A celebration lunch was held after the dedication service where we were able to meet and share together.

18 November, 2021

Main Decisions Coming from the 2021 AWF Quadrennial Convocation

Nepal and South Korea are now members of the Alliance World Fellowship, welcomed at the AWF Quadrennial Convocation in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The revised Statement of Faith and the Guayaquil Manifesto were approved amid a unifying atmosphere at the business sessions. The AWF officers for the next term were elected and all proposals were approved as presented.

The revision of the AWF Statement of Faith prompted the most attention and discussion. It is important to recognize that the AWF does not have authority over or direct the affairs of the national churches. They have been free to establish their own statements of belief. At the same time, an important element of the ministry of AWF is to advance the unity of theological standards amongst the members of the Alliance World Fellowship. The AWF Statement of Faith should provide a ready means of identifying the core themes and emphases of the Christian and Missionary Alliance movement and simultaneously reflect the diversity of the member bodies of the Alliance World Fellowship today.

The Guayaquil Manifesto was prepared by the AWF International Commission of Theological Education with the aim of applying the Alliance theological and missiological perspectives to the work of the church in the present world. The document has a strong biblical foundation and comprehensively covers topics of most practical importance. We encourage you to read and discuss this document in different settings of the church ministry.

The newly elected AWF Executive Committee is comprised of Jura Yanagihara (President), Celestin Koffi (Vice President and UMA Africa Regional Coordinator), Brem Frentz (Secretary and North America Regional Coordinator), Ken Baldes (Treasurer), David Muthre (CLA Latin America Regional Coordinator), Ken Graham (APAC Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator), and Munther Shahatit (EMERALD Europe and Middle East Regional Coordinator).

The Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches of Nepal and South Korea, new members of the AWF, will be highlighted in future articles on the AWF website.

A summary of the discussions and conclusions of the workshops was presented at the last business session and will be made available on the AWF website.

By: Jura Yanagihara


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