The One Anothers 4 - Instruct One Another (Romans 15:14)

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7 July, 2024Rev Ken GrahamOne Anothers

How is Instructing one another a Practical Demonstration of loving one another?

It is Speaking the Truth in Love.


1.        We need to Understand the meaning of this word “Instruct”.

           Admonish is a better term. To Admonish is “put something Into Mind”, “to Caution”, to “call Attention to something”.

           It Conveys the meaning of Eph 4:15 - Speaking the Truth in Love.

           Admonish one another is a way that we show we Care, we Love.

2.        Competence is Required to Instruct each other.

           What made them Competent to Instruct one another?

           a.        They were Full of Goodness.

           b.        They were Complete in Knowledge. 

           Goodness is important for Strong Christians to Instruct others.

           Knowledge is important for Weak Christians to Instruct others.

           God’s Word is Living, Reliable and when Applied to life we Grow.

            Admonishing one another Speaks the Truth in Love.

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The One Anothers 3 - Accept One Another (Rom 14 & 15)

30 June, 2024 Rev Ken Graham

Why do we have Trouble Accepting one another?

1. We Misinterpret the Concept of Biblical Acceptance.

- Biblical acceptance is a Commitment to Receiving people Where they are.

- Biblical acceptance is the Avenue by which God works Through Us to bring about Transformation in others.

2. Because there are Strong Christians and Weak Christians.

- Disputable matters are Not taught clearly in the Bible.

- Disputable matters are Lifestyle issues that Change from

Generation to generation and from Culture to culture.

How can we Accept One Another?

1. Acknowledge that there are and there will be Disputable matters among Christians.

- There are areas where Christians do Not Agree.

- There is Room in the Kingdom of God for a bit of Diversity.

2. Acknowledge that our fellowship is Not Based on Total Agreement on Disputable matters.

- There must be Agreement on the Essentials to have Fellowship.

3. Submit to God’s Authority.

- Both the Strong and the Weak are under God’s Authority.

4. Practice your personal Convictions on Disputable matters.

- Things God has Impressed on you, Without making it an Issue with Other believers.

5. The Strong are to Loving uphold the Weak.

- To exercise our Freedom in Christ Knowing it is going to Cause the Weak to Stumble is Wrong.

6. Follow the Example of Jesus Christ.

- When we Accept each other God is Praised.


The One Anothers 2 - Honour One Another (Romans 12, 1 Cor 12, Phil 2 )

23 June, 2024 Rev Ken Graham

All the other “One Anothers” of the Bible are simply Practical ways of Fulfilling the Command to “Love One Another”.

To honour one another is to Regard each other as Valuable.

We will Value each other:

1. On the basis of our Spiritual Transformation.

Human beings, Don’t Naturally regard other human beings as Valuable.

We need a Personal Transformation.

2. On the basis of our Spiritual Gifts.

All of us Belong to one Body. We all Have Value.

When we honour each other we Recognise that God is Active in each Person’s Life.

3. On the basis of our Supreme Example.

Jesus is our Supreme Example. Honouring one another Produces Rejoicing.


The One Anothers 1 - Love One Another (John 15, 1 John 3 & 4)

16 June, 2024 Rev Ken Graham

1. Recognise what Love is Not.

Love one another is a Suggestion.

Love one another is a Command.

2. What does it Mean to Love one another.

a. Love is what Proves the Reality of our Faith.

b. Love is the Primary Expression of the Fruit of the Spirit.

c. Love is the Greatest of the 3 Christian Graces.

d. Love is the most Identifiable Characteristic of his Disciples.

He is asking us to make a Choice. To choose for the Highest Good of another.

3. How Do we Love Each Other?

Love is something that is Demonstrated by Actions and not by Words.

Our love for one another Demonstrates that God’s indwelling Presence is in our Lives.

It Demonstrates the presence of God in your life to the World Around you.