Telling Myself the Truth About Worry (message 4)

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12 November, 2023Rev Ken GrahamTelling Myself the Truth

What’s the most difficult command in the Bible to follow?   Phil 4:6.

An average person’s worry is:   40% are things that will never happen, 30% are things about the past that can’t be changed, 12% are things about criticism by others (much of which is untrue), 10% are things about health, 8% are real problems that will be faced!


Eng. root word: “to choke, to strangle”.  Gk. word: “a divided mind”.


1.        What is the Truth about Worry? 


A.       Worry is not logical.   

          It can be an unreasonable obsession with unimportant things.


B.       Worry is not normal.  

          We have learned how to worry (and we can unlearn it!)


C.       Worry is useless.  

          It is “stewing without doing”.


D.       Worry indicates a lack of understanding about God’s character. 


2.     What is the Truth about Overcoming Worry? 


God’s solution to the problem with worry we all struggle with?


A.        Have the right life priority.  

          Worry is a warning light of mixed-up values & confused priorities.


B.       Focus on each day.  

          “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!” 

God’s provision is daily.


C.       Rely on God.  

          Worry and trust cannot live within the same heart.

  God’s peace: “stands as a sentry” – “God’s ‘protective custody’ of those who are in Christ Jesus extends to the core of their beings.


Peace or worry?  

What we experience in our life becomes a spiritual question. 

Who are we trusting in and relying on?

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Telling Myself the Truth about the Resurrection (message 7)

10 December, 2023 Rev Ken Graham

It’s the message of Resurrection that makes Christianity different from every other religion in the world.

God’s invitation to you to have a changed life.

The Resurrection means I :

1. Open My Mind to God’s Power.

We need to open our mind to the possibility that God has power we don’t.

Power that can transform our lives!

The truth of Easter is that our lives can be different and new.

2. Open My Heart to God’s Grace.

Grace = God gives us what we need instead of what we deserve.

God knows everything about us and He still loves us and was willing to go to the cross in our place.

We can never earn it or deserve it.

3. Open My Life to God’s Love.

No one can ever love us more than God.

Until we understand that we were made by God and created to have a relationship with Him, life doesn’t make sense.

God’s grace helps us to live and to keep going.

God’s love gives us the power to change and to be different.

Today you can…discover the truth about Jesus !


Telling Myself the Truth about Change (message 6)

3 December, 2023 Rev Ken Graham

No generation in human history has experienced more constant change than our generation.

How does God work at changing us?

1. He Produces Discontent.

God will highlight our discontent by bringing us to a crucial junction.

God “stirs up our nest” so we’ll listen to Him and turn to Him.

2. He Brings Us to a Place of Decision.

At this stage, we have to decide if we’re going to move ahead and deal with our need to change.

3. He Causes Us to Seek Him.

When we understand that there’s something better available for our lives through change, then we gain a new perspective.

We cannot change until we change the way we think.

We have the incredible capacity to lie to ourselves.

We need to seek God and let Him start changing the way we think.

How do we know the truth? By applying God’s Word.

4. He Begins to Transform Our Conduct.

This is what repentance is…acting on what is right.

5. He Challenges Us to Keep Going.

We never “arrive” in this life.

Change requires more than desire…it takes discipline and commitment.

An important part of our spiritual life is perseverance.


Telling Myself the Truth When Life Doesn't Make Sense (message 5)

26 November, 2023 Rev Ken Graham

Some biblical principles that can help us respond to tragedy God’s way.

1. Remember that this is not Heaven.

Bible is brutally honest about this.

Many go through life with Two mistaken ideas:

A. The good things that happen to me prove to me I’m good, and

B. The bad things that happen to me prove I’m bad.

God gives everyone the ability to make choices.

2. Be Real About How We Feel.

Tragedy always creates strong emotions.

We need to release our feelings to God.

3. Accept Help.

When a crisis comes, who’s going to hold you up without God

and any meaningful relationships?

4. Refuse to be Bitter.

Some people have no happiness: they live & die with bitter hearts.

Bitterness = self-inflicted wound.

How do we keep from being bitter?

A. Accept what we cannot change.

Faith is facing the facts of life and not getting discouraged.

B. Focus on what we have.

God’s will for us in a crisis is to express gratitude.

5. Remember What Matters.

Tragedy has a way of clarifying values.

The only security in life, is to build it on something that can never be taken from us.


Telling Myself the Truth About Pain (message 3)

5 November, 2023 Rev Ken Graham

Pain is not pleasant or fun. No one likes pain. But pain is a part of life.

Why does God permit pain to sometimes touch our lives?

The truth is God often uses pain as a tool for His good purposes in our life.

1. Pain Can Be God’s Tool to Nudge Me.

It pushes & pressures & forces us to change when we don’t want to.

We don’t always “see the light”, but we “feel the heat”.

Pain can gently prod us into the arms of our Heavenly Father.

2. Pain Can Be God’s Tool to Guide Me.

The person who has never suffered does not really know much.

3. Pain Can Be God’s Tool to Examine Me.

Pain has the capacity to “burn-off” a lot of things in us.

It’s a test that reveals what we really are inside.

4. Pain Can Be God’s Tool to Protect Me.

God can use pain to guard and defend us from something worse.

5. Pain Can Be God’s Tool to Mature Me.

Pain is the high cost of growth.

The thing that is most discouraging in our life today is also the thing God is using the most to develop us.

Pain always moves us. While pain is inevitable in life, misery is optional.

Pain is never fun, and we should not go looking for it.

But God never wastes anything…even our pain.

He is using whatever pain is in our life right now to develop and grow us in ways we could have never matured otherwise.


Telling Myself the Truth About God (message 2)

29 October, 2023 Rev Ken Graham

How we see God is crucial. It affects the way we see ourselves.

Jesus taught us that God is very personal & intimately acquainted with us.

Some of us struggle because we’re not telling ourselves truth about God.

What kind of Father is God really like?

1. God is a Compassionate Father.

Misconceptions about God began with the very first human beings.

The truth is, God is “compassionate”.

Why does God sometimes say “no” to us?

Obeying God = enjoying life.

2. God is a Consistent Father.

2 phases of temptation: a. Phase 1 = doubt b. Phase 2 = deception.

God is a reliable and trustworthy Father.

God can be counted on. “His love endures forever”.

3. God is a Personal Father.

The great questions of life are profoundly shaped in us by our parents (especially Dads!).

How much is something worth?

Whatever price someone is willing to pay for something

(“you were bought at a price.” 1 Cor. 6:20).

4. God is a Gracious Father.

Some of us had parents that could never be pleased and some

of us think God is the same way.

The truth is, God is gracious, He has accepted us in Jesus Christ.