Get Connected with God 3 - Through Being with His People (Rom 12:5)

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24 March, 2024Rev Ken GrahamGet Connected With God

Every Growing/Maturing believer in Jesus Christ

Needs other Growing/Maturing followers in their Life.

The first Big/small church had 2 types of Meetings:

           1.        Large Group Meetings.

           2.        Small Group Meetings.


There are Significant Advantages to being a part of a Small Group.

           1.        Your Limitations are Different.

           2.        There is a more Intimate Atmosphere.

           3.        They are Expandable.

           4.        They are Geographically and Generationally unlimited.

           5.        They are good Serving Opportunities.


Seven Principles:

1.        Numerical Growth is Biblical.

2.        Numerical Growth creates Problems.     

3.        Most Problems are due to Unmet Needs.

4.        Pastors cannot do it All.

5.        Leaders are to Assist the Pastor.

6.        Pastor’s are to focus primarily on Preaching and Teaching God’s Word and Prayer.

7.        The Result of a Shared Ministry was Two-fold:

                       a.        Unity.

                       b.        More Numerical Growth.

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Get Connected with God 5 - Through Prayer (Matt 6:1-13)

14 April, 2024 Rev Ken Graham

Connecting with God through prayer:

1. Begins with the Right Attitude.

God is always Interested in our Attitude.

Prayer is not a Speech. Prayer is a Conversation.

What then does the right attitude in prayer is look like?

It involves:

a. Genuineness.

b. Humility.

c. Transparency.

Jesus says don’t Babble on and on.

Let us be Open, Revealing, Honest, Transparent, with Him.


Get Connected with God 2 - Through His Word (2 Tim 3:16)

17 March, 2024 Rev Ken Graham

Connecting with God through His Word:

1. Begins with the Right Attitude.

2. Involves Getting God’s Word Into Our Lives.

Ways to Get the Word of God into our Lives:

a. Receive It.

b. Read It.

c. Study It.

d. Retain It.

e. Meditate On It.

This is simply taking God’s Word and Considering how the Word Effects our lives.

3. Requires us to Apply Biblical Truth in our Lives.

That is when Transformation will come.


Get Connected with God 1 - Through His Word (Ps 119:105)

10 March, 2024 Rev Ken Graham

The Bible was written by various Authors over Thousands of years.

Yet all of them Inspired by the Holy Spirit, all of them Testifying to the same Truth of the only true and Living God.

The Good News is that God wants us to Connect with Him.

God wants us to Grow in Christ-likeness.

God wants us to Know what he Says, and has Done, and will Do.

It is impossible for us to grow as believers, without the Consistent and Regular times of Opening and Studying God’s Word.

Connecting with God Through His Word:

1. Begins with the Right Attitude.

4 competing authorities in the world:

a. Culture.

Culture is the “Everybody does it” mentality.

b. Tradition.

Tradition is the “We have always done it that way” mentality.

c. Rationalisation.

Rationalisation is the “I always though” mentality.

d. Feelings.

This is the “How can it be wrong when it feels so right” mentality.

God’s Word needs to be the Authority in the lives of Believers.