Romans No.34 - Labour of Love. (Rom 12:9-13)

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7 November, 2021Ken GrahamRomans

Verses 9-13 describes love among Christians. 1. True Love Rejects Sin but not the Sinner. 2. True Love is seen in Relationships. 3. True Love for another - knows we are Saved to Serve.

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Romans No.40 - Love and Liberty. (Rom 14:-15:7)

2 January, 2022 Ken Graham

The church in Rome had people of Differing Backgrounds.

There was this problem in the early church - they were allowing Disagreement to Divide the body of Christ.


Romans No.39 - Until He Comes. (Rom 13:11-14)

26 December, 2021 Ken Graham

In these verses Paul calls us to 4 things:

Watch Vigilantly, War Valiantly, Walk Virtuously and Wait Victoriously.


Christmas Message - Master or Manger?

25 December, 2021 Ken Graham

Our focus and attention is on Jesus.


Romans No.38 - Our Perpetual Debt. (Rom 13:8-10)

19 December, 2021 Ken Graham

Our motivation for obedience as believers is Not Fear of Punishment.

Our motivation as believers is Love for the Lord.


Romans No.37 - Christians and Government - 2. (Rom 13:1-7)

28 November, 2021 Ken Graham

There are times when we need to Refuse to Obey government.

-  There are examples in Scripture of Civil Disobedience. Paul and Peter, who wrote concerning obeying government:

-  Both of them Practiced Civil disobedience.

-  Both of them were Jailed repeatedly.

-  Both of them were ultimately Martyred by the state.

-  There are 2 major reasons for us to Disobey Government.


Romans No.36 - Christians and Government - 1. (Rom 13:1-7)

21 November, 2021 Ken Graham

There has always been a certain degree of tension between Church & State.

·      We see this at the Beginning of the church because the church began with the Death and Resurrection of Christ.

·      When the Jesus Died on the Cross, the State put him to Death, because they though he was going to Overthrow Roman rule.

·      Within that tension, God has given us definite Guidelines:

-      He does Not tell us what Political Party to join or vote for.

-      He does give us guidelines on their Responsibilities and Rights.


Romans No.35 - Overcoming with Love. (Rom 12:14-21)

14 November, 2021 Ken Graham

Paul is addressing believers as they live out their life in the world. Paul gives some practical guidelines for us here. The right mentality, manners and method.


Romans No.33 - Unwrap Your Gifts. (Rom 12:3-8)

31 October, 2021 Ken Graham

Spiritual Gifts are given for All of Us. Each Believer has a gift, therefore a Responsibility. Different members of the body of Christ, have Different gifts, all of which have their Place, but not all have the same Function.


Romans No.32 - The Renewed Mind. (Rom 12:1-2)

24 October, 2021 Ken Graham

The pattern Paul follows in his writings: Doctrine and Duty, because we cannot Behave according to the will of God

if our Beliefs are not first Aligned with the will of God.


Romans No.31 - The Surrendered Life. (Rom 12:1-2)

17 October, 2021 Ken Graham

Surrender is God’s way of Conquering. When we Surrender our selves we are bringing ourselves into Conformity with Christ.


Romans No.30 - God's Plan - part 2. (Rom 11)

10 October, 2021 Ken Graham

God Deals with people, Jews and Gentiles alike, with mercy as the foundation of every action he takes, because every human being desperately needs his mercy.

We can only ever have a relationship with God due to his mercy toward us.


Romans No.29 - God's Plan - part 1. (Rom 10:5-15)

3 October, 2021 Ken Graham

We all become Children of God by placing our complete trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

If everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved, everyone needs the opportunity to hear.


Romans No.28 - Who's In Charge? (Rom 9:6-33)

26 September, 2021 Ken Graham

God is in charge. His ultimate purpose is to create a whole new people of God, not based on race, nation or language, but based on having faith in Jesus Christ.


Romans No.27 - Who Cares? (Rom 9:1-5 10:1-4)

19 September, 2021 Ken Graham

God is looking for people and churches that believe that lost people matter to God, even if this belief is costly.


Romans No.26 - Winners (Rom 8:28-39)

12 September, 2021 Ken Graham

Romans 8 tells us that ultimately we are winners. God never wastes anything in our lives. God has a purpose for our lives. God is on our side.


Romans No.25 - Fortified by the Spirit. (Rom 8:18-27)

5 September, 2021 Ken Graham

The Holy Spirit fortifies us to live in an imperfect World. The Holy Spirit gives us perspective and hope.


Romans No.24 - Walking in the Spirit. (Rom 7)

29 August, 2021 Ken Graham

Things that allow us to continue or Hinder us walking in the Spirit Controlled Life.


Romans No.23 - The Climate for Kingdom Building. (Rom 12:1-11)

22 August, 2021 Ken Graham

What is the Spiritual Climate for our lives that enables us to be a part of building the kingdom.


Romans No.22 - Why Not Live. (Rom 8:1-14)

15 August, 2021 Ken Graham

If the church is going to be Effective in its service of Christ it must be able to discern truth from error and it must display both purity and power.


Romans No.21 - The War Within. (Rom 7:1-8:4)

8 August, 2021 Ken Graham

It is true that we are Not Perfect. It is true that we are forgiven.

We are to be radically transformed and changed and be growing in christ.


Romans No.20 - Under New Management. (Rom 6:15-23)

1 August, 2021 Ken Graham

In verse 6:15, he raises the question again, but in a slightly different way:

What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace?

Paul's answer is: "Absolutely Not!


Romans No.19 - We Died to Sin. (Rom 6:1-14)

25 July, 2021 Ken Graham

In the NT we see two definite aspects of Sanctification: 

           1.        Positional Sanctification. Set Apart by God and made Holy in Christ. 

           2.        Progressive Sanctification. To begin to Experience Victory over sin.


Romans No.18 - The Power of One. (Rom 5:11-21)

18 July, 2021 Ken Graham

In order to live the Christian life, we need to be secure in our standing in Christ.


Romans No.17 - God's Demonstrated Love. (Rom 5:5a-10)

11 July, 2021 Ken Graham

The key to enduring the times of trial in our lives is to Know that someone loves you.

That Someone is God.


Romans No.16 - Perseverance in Hope. (Rom 5:1-5a)

4 July, 2021 Ken Graham

Paul makes reference to two Types of Hope.

a.        Eternal Hope.

b.        Present Hope.


Romans No.15 - Strengthened by Faith. (Rom 4:19-21)

27 June, 2021 Ken Graham

The faith that we see here demonstrated by Abraham is more than just:Historical Faith or Temporary Faith.         

 Abraham had: Saving Faith and Miracle Faith.  


Romans No.14 - Abraham Believed God. (Rom 4:1-15)

20 June, 2021 Ken Graham

The Jews believed that Abraham was accepted by God because:

           1.        He kept the Commandments of God.

           2.        He was Circumcised.

 But Paul shows us they were not saved by keeping laws.


Romans No.13 - But Now. (Rom 3:21-31)

13 June, 2021 Ken Graham

Paul makes a major turn in his letter. God has Revealed how we can be Righteous. God has Revealed how we can Obtain this Righteousness. 


Romans No.12 - Total Wipeout. (Rom 3:8-20)

6 June, 2021 Ken Graham

We need to understand this Diagnosis of man’s Problem, because if we don’t, we could end up treating the Symptoms, and not the Cause.


Romans No.11 - The Responsibility of Privilege. (Rom 2:17-3:8)

30 May, 2021 Ken Graham

Paul addresses the Hebrews. They were guilty of profession without performance, and privilege without perception.


Romans No.10 - Bad News for Good People. (Rom 2:1-16)

23 May, 2021 Ken Graham

When we come to understand the gospel properly, we see that it is Bad news for Good people and we realise the gospel is Good news for Bad people.


Romans No.9 - The Destructive Nature of Sin. (Rom 1:24-32)

16 May, 2021 Ken Graham

The major point of Romans 1:24–32 is that when people persistently Abandon God, God will Abandon them.


Romans No.8 - The Lostness of Man. (Rom 1:18-23)

9 May, 2021 Ken Graham

Paul is making his Case point by point to show that man is Guilty before God and in need of Salvation. Paul’s case against man is summed up -- he is a “Truth Suppressor”.


Romans No.7 - Live by Faith. (Rom 1:17)

2 May, 2021 Ken Graham

The gospel is a Revelation of a Righteousness from God. The gospel tells us that God, who is Perfect and Righteous, has made a Way that His righteousness can be Given to you and to me.


Romans No.5 - Jesus Christ is Lord. (Rom 1:3-6)

18 April, 2021 Ken Graham

Romans #5 - Jesus Christ is Lord. (Rom 1:3-6)

18 April 2021   

Christianity is Christ. Without Christ there is no Christianity. If you take away Christ – you have no Gospel If you take away Christ – you have no Message


Romans No.4 - God's Promises. (Rom 1:2-3)

11 April, 2021 Ken Graham

Romans #4 - God's Promises. (Rom 1:2-3)

11 April 2021   

The Gospel is the fulfillment of and eternal plan and a written promise. 

God has kept His word.


Romans No.3 - Good News about God. (Rom 1:1)

28 March, 2021 Ken Graham

Romans No.3 - God News about God. (Rom 1:1)

Paul had lived a life of separation striving for perfection.

On the Damascus Road, Paul had to learn the good news about God.


Romans No.2 - Freedom to be Slaves. (Rom 1:1)

21 March, 2021 Ken Graham

Romans No.2 - Freedom to be Slaves. (Rom 1:1)

Christ in You - that’s Christianity.

That’s Good News.


Romans No.1 - Introduction - Life of Paul - A Heart set Free. (Rom 1:1)

14 March, 2021 Ken Graham

 Introduction - Life of Paul - A Heart set Free. (Rom 1:1)

In order to understand the message of Romans we need to know Paul.

What was it that changed his life from Adversary to Advocate?